Real Estate's Ticking Clock: Transform climate risks into an opportunity

Commercial Real Estate


Status Quo


The 2-D Illusion:
In a world where location is everything, a shocking number of commercial properties, believed to be safely distanced from recognized threats, sit in the shadow of potential disaster. While traditional maps may indicate that these structures stand outside flood zones or other hazard areas, a vast majority face unseen threats from adjacent infrastructure vulnerabilities. The result? Valuable properties and their occupants are exposed to risks, threatening investments, operations, and reputations.

Superficial Safety Metrics:
Dependence on antiquated metrics like the 100-year or 500-year flood zones can have dire consequences in the CRE world. Not only do they paint an incomplete picture of risk, but they also overlook imminent challenges that could undermine property values and lease agreements in mere years. Current standards, with their false assurances, leave investors, property managers, and tenants exposed and unprepared.




One Concern's Detailed Blueprint: Real Estate's Resilience Revamped
Stepping out of the limitations of 2D perspectives, One Concern ushers in a multi-dimensional vision for commercial real estate. Our advanced modeling reaches beyond the property lines to understand the complex interdependencies of surrounding infrastructure. No longer are risks hidden or underestimated; they're mapped, measured, and made actionable.

Using our AI-powered downtime metric, we quantify risks in terms of 'time'. For property owners and managers, this means clear insights into potential operational disruptions, offering a clear path to safeguard investments. For investors and stakeholders, it's a guarantee of transparency, ensuring that assets truly represent the value they're perceived to have.

Think predictive ROI calculations, property acquisitions, proactive mitigation strategies, and lease negotiations that have both feet firmly rooted in today's volatile climate reality.