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Climate Risk Disclosure Today: A Misleading Mirage


Status Quo


The 2-D Deception:
While a staggering 95% of F500 facilities don't lie in designated flood zones, an overwhelming 98% are vulnerable to cash-flow disruptions from nearby infrastructure breakdowns — well before their own premises are directly affected. That's right — they'll bleed money before a drop of water touches their doorstep.

Metrics That Miss the Mark:
It's high time we debunked the myth: being located in a 100-year or 500-year flood zone is a flawed and superficial metric. It's a smokescreen that distracts from the real cash-flow landmines lurking in the next 3-5 years.




AI-Enhanced Multi-Dimensional Twin:
One Concern harnesses the prowess of AI to venture beyond, crafting a meticulous digital twin that captures every iota of the world's physical infrastructure and its intricate web of interconnections. Our multi-dimensional graph offers a panorama of risks, not just a snapshot.

A Language Everyone Understands: Time
While risks originate from a staggering million sources per physical location in the US, from each electric pole to every highway segment, One Concern distills it down to a universal metric - 'time'. Understand the ripple effect, how disruptions spread to the facility itself. This is the language businesses grasp: the tangible financial implications. Consider a bagel shop owner; knowing their power might be out for 5 days annually is infinitely more actionable than the vague notion of a "500-year flood zone."

Ditch the status quo. With One Concern, get through the maze of risks and understand the true financial undercurrents. One Concern’s analytics provide an entity-level view with resilience scores capturing impacts from business interruption.