Most global corporates face business disruption from infrastructure downtime - well before the facility is affected.

Are your products and services priced accordingly?


Bridging Climate Risk to Financial Risk in Capital Markets, Insurance, and Real Estate


Financial services, insurance, and beyond: wherever there's a need to quantify risk, reshape strategy, and harness opportunity amidst climate challenges, we're there. We provide powerful data to enable our customers to measure hidden physical risks, and make high value, complex financial decisions. For the first time ever, our data platform gives customers a consistent, comparable metric for physical risk measured in the form of time to evaluate and benchmark properties, companies and sectors.

Use Cases


Locating Buildings on a Risk Map is Not Enough!


For too long, industries have been paralyzed by climate and disaster uncertainties, forced to rely on outdated broad-brush, check-the-box climate risk approaches that fail to solve the problem. At One Concern, we're challenging this status quo. Our precision technology dives deep, differentiating properties and businesses based on their real-world business interruption vulnerabilities due to the infrastructure they depend on—from crippling power outages to chaotic web of supply chain disruptions, revealing exposure to uninsured business losses.

Our Offerings


AI-Powered Digital Twin of Infrastructure


In an era where uncertainties and complexities intersect, and climate change accelerates the frequency and severity of natural disasters, we've harnessed the formidable power of AI, data science, and deep catastrophe modeling to birth a digital twin of our physical world that reveals what others miss: the intricate web of outside-the-fence risks that could spell disaster or opportunity for businesses.